How To Synchronize Your Google Gmail Contacts and Calendars to Your iPad without using iTunes

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1. Open the Settings application on your iPad’s home screen.

ipad home screen

2. Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account…

add account ipad

4. Select Microsoft Exchange.

add exchange account ipad

5. In the Email field, enter the name of your account.

6. Leave the Domain field blank.

7. Enter your full Google Account email address in the Username field.

8. Enter your Google Account password in the Password field.

9. Tap Next at the top.

exchange ipad account

10. In the next window a Server field will appear. Enter

11. Press Next at the top again.

server name exchange ipad

12. Select the Google services you want to sync. Turn them on to sync and off not to sync.

13. Press Save at the top.

exchange google services account ipad

13. Press Sync twice when/if warned about data loss.

14. The select the option your would like with the Existing Local Contacts.

15. Then press Save at the top.

exchange account existing local contact ipad

To configure your Sync options, once your done; go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then Tap on the Account we just made to change the Mail Days to Sync options, etc.  I have mine set to one week.

However, your main default one will shows right now.  If you have multiple calendars you can allow syncing of these calendars via the Google Sync page.

  • On your iPad, open Safari and go to
  • Click on your Device and then choose the Calendars you want to sync.  Click on Save and your other Calendars will start syncing.

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  • Kochevar40

    PERFECT!  Best help anywhere. Thanks!

  • Aloha799

    doesnt sync existing iphone contact to google contact. Is there any setting that needs to change?

  • The_Apostolos

    Really Perfect!!! Congratulations for your perfect work! Thank you very much!!!

  • Johnpaulappleipad


  • Tonytam Sing

    Works. Thanks!

  • Peyman Goly

    Tanx alot!

  • Alex

    It’s official the Exchange password error is a bug. This technique DOES NOT work.

  • wyealbert

    It appears that entering calendar data on the iPad don’t get reflected on Google calendar on my PC. Is that supposed to happen?

  • Alan@berenice

    I initially had a problem connecting as it kept asking for a password and did not accept my google mail password. I changed to only sync the contacts (not mail or calendar these are synced through the gmail option)
    This worked fine.


  • Norman

    Great instructions! Thanks!

  • jc

    thanks so much. your step by step walk through made a seemingly impossible task easy.

  • wdixon

    Awesome!!!! I love online help!!!

  • Kat

    The steps worked perfectly for me. It took less than a minute to set-up. Thanks!!

  • BraveDave297

    Thank you! Your instructions worked and they were easy to follow on my new Iphone5

  • bill

    HUGE Thanks for this article. Worked seamlessly on my iPad with iOS6

  • AmpleCoach

    Use a PC at home, Android smartphone, Google sync works fine for email, calendar, contacts. Just received iPad as b’day gift; first entry into Apple world. Wondering why one would prefer using MS Exchange over iTunes for syncing… what are advantages/problems with either?

  • Jacob

    What do I put where it requested….

  • Rebekah Dixon Davis

    THANK YOU!!!! You rock, I did what you said and it worked! Thank you so very much.!!

  • Lauren

    I have tried this and had no luck. any other sugestions?

  • macbbonz

    Thanks this was very helpful.

  • Glider Guider

    Outstanding. Thank you so much. iPad “3″

  • Jim

    Thanks…this worked just fine for me. The Verizon rep that I caled for help needs a link to this because they had no idea how to do this.

  • HayHay

    I have an iPad mini and your instructions worked perfectly! I have my business email and my Gmail account set up and they are both working fine! Thanks so much for providing helpful information like this!!!!

  • JW

    I cant find the groups red tab someone mentions below any help?

  • Lysdexia

    The exchange password is your email address’ password

  • kevb8ll

    This doesn’t work on an ipad1. Connects ok but never syncs the contacts from Gmail to the ipad

  • Sky

    I tried on ipad1 too and it says it cant connect on the server. Did u manage to find another way to upload your contacts?

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